What is “Rescue”?

HSOPCVA is dedicated to helping dogs and cats that are in the custody of Pulaski County Animal Control find homes, even if we are unable to take them into our foster program (which is very small!). When an animal is going to “rescue” it means that a no-kill rescue is accepting them into their organization. When the animal goes to rescue they will live in a foster home in the majority of cases, and the rescue will pay for all medical care and food. They will keep them as long as it takes to find their forever home. Our rescue program is highly successful and has saved 352 lives in the past year alone. This program, along with our foster program and Animal Control’s adoptions, has enabled the Pulaski County Animal Shelter to have very low dog euthanasia rates.

Where are the rescues located?

The majority of rescues we work with are located in Virginia, but we also work with rescues in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut on a regular basis. You can see a list of rescues we work with on our Rescue Organization page.

What can I do to help?

We are always looking for transport drivers. Transport is what gets these dogs out of the shelter and into rescues. Transports are scheduled frequently on an as-needed basis and we need drivers to take the dogs from one location to another so they can be picked up by other drivers.

We also desperately need foster parents. We would prefer our rescue dogs stay in foster homes so that we can free up cages in the shelter. Being in foster homes also helps protect these rescue animals from illnesses, as sick dogs are not allowed on transport. Foster homes also provide valuable opportunities for socialization (getting the dog used to people, other animals, and other situations. We would LOVE to have more long-term fosters who could care for dogs until they can be adopted or accepted to rescue!

Finally, we need medium and large crates! Right now, the bigger dogs usually ride free in the cars because we don’t have crates big enough to fit them. This sometimes scares away potential drivers because people would prefer to have the dogs crated (which is totally understandable). We would like to be able to offer crates to our drivers, and we would also like to be able to offer bigger crates to foster parents.

Rescues we are currently working with – 

Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Franklin County Humane Society

Senior Dog Rescue

Roanoke SPCA

Furever Homes Doberman Rescue

VA Paws for Pits

Augusta Regional SPCA

Angels of Assisi

Animal Welfare Foster Program

Above and Beyond setter rescue

Crazy Cat Lady

Siamese Rescue

CRCP Rescue

K9 Rescue of VA

Lab Rescue

Montgomery County Humane Society

Oldie But Goodies Rescue