Looking for a new friend? One of our main goals is the placement of animals into suitable homes.


Animals are under the control of the Pulaski County Animal Control:
These animals are at risk of euthanasia, so you must act quickly if you’re interested in adopting!

To download a printable Adoption Application, please click the image below.


If you have any questions about the adoption process, please contact Pulaski County Animal Control at (540)674-8359. You can fill out the adoption application by printing it and bringing it to the shelter.  Although we try to be as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee the breed or full-grown adult size of any of our dogs or puppies. Because many of these dogs were found as strays or are the result of irresponsible, unplanned breeding, we do not know the dog’s exact background and can only list breed and size by our best educated guess. If exact breed and size are important to you, please consider adopting a dog from a specific breed rescue–we work with several of these and would be happy to provide you with their information! We want our dogs to be adopted by people who will love and care for them forever for who they are – no matter what breed and size they turn out to be!